Fully Defend Yourself 

A free community conference educating in easily overlooked ways to defend yourself and your family.

This year, we are introducing a couple of additions:

  1. Dr. Rosenna Bakari will be joining us as keynote and interactive lecturer on the subject of “holistic and effective parenting from family and social work perspectives”
  2. A professional & student session (8-11 am) with Dr. Bakari that provides 2 CEUs to those that require them, as well as an extra CEU, offered during the afternoon session

Altogether, this year’s sessions include:

  • Dr. Bakari’s keynote 
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Physical anti-abduction techniques for self, family, and friends
  • Food security: healthy eating with tight budgets and difficult eaters

As always, supplies, food, snacks, yoga, and chair massages are complimentary – YES, chair massages – from some of the finest massage therapists in the area. Why? Because every conference should end with a massage!

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Hands That

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2 week session $45

4 week session $80

Pay by December 15 and only pay full price for ONE person in your party when you all register together – everyone else is 50% off!

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what We are

On the surface: we provide socially aware art education and an expression platform to everyone regardless of income or background.

In depth: by increasing awareness of self, community, and various cultures, we eliminate the self-doubt and discrimination that is the cause of every destructive cycle in our world. We provide a protected space where students and families feel safe enough to access their imagination. This naturally awakens superpowers, purpose, and awareness of the collective consciousness.

A Word from our Executive Director

“As a visionary, the vision never really belongs to me. I knew from the second it burst inside my mind that it was going to be bigger than my own existence. BCAI is the necessary ‘vehicle’ to destroying destructive cycles in this world such as violence, sexual abuse, victimization, poverty etc.

My ‘why’ is when a parent comes to me in tears because their child is making friends, fearlessly freestyling in a cypher, or exuding confidence in other ways all for the first time.

My ‘why’ is when I humbly am allowed to watch a student go from fear to resilience; from self-loathing and sabotage to working on these ‘new’ superpowers they find within themselves. The looks on their faces, the fierce courage increasing and the family dynamics improving – all of this is why I work long hours for them, why I am adamant about protecting our familial village existence and why I will never retreat.

BCAI is not a building; it is a family and a legacy. Unconditional love and resilience training.

Thank you to everyone who has believed, still believes, and will never stop actively believing and investing in our vision and mission. You do not go unseen.”

– Angelique Rački

Upcoming Appearances

and important dates



Spring Semester General Dance Program begins

Tues: Hip Hop 1 (5p), Hip Hop 2 (6p), Technique (7p)

Thur: Cultural (7p), Adult Dance (7p)

Sat: Breakdance (10a-12p)



MLK Gospel Fest

IWU Presser Hall

BCAI Message performance
approx 6:30p



Fully Defend Yourself

Free Community Conference

State Farm Hall of Business, ISU



Hands That

Visual arts program begins

Mondays/Friday: 5:30-7:30p

Thru Feb 28



Spring Semester Performance Team begins

Thursdays: 5-7p

Saturdays: 12-2p

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Studio: 107 E Chestnut St #100, Bloomington, IL 61701

Mailing Address: PO Box 3352, Bloomington, IL 61702-3352

Telephone: (309) 532-4272

Email: BreakingChains116@gmail.com