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Hands That...Visual Design Mentorship

This program will help students self-assess and monitor their growth in proficient, realistic drawing capabilities as they will learn and thrive from one another. Upon completion Participants will have a better understanding of creativity and artistic thinking, Tools for verbal and non-verbal communication, develop the capacity to make informed identification based on applying unique learning skills such as (Public Speaking, Emotional intelligence, Crucial Conversation & Change management)

Hands That...course will apply contemporary and multicultural art with an in-depth, comprehensive approach to art. Each session focuses on a different element or principle of design, including: line, shape and form, balance, and movement.


Drawing 2wk Nov 13 – Nov 24
Painting 2 wk Nov 27 – Dec 8
Sculpting 1 wk Dec 11 – Dec 15
Graffiti Art 1 wk Dec 18 – Dec 22

**There will be no classes this week**
Crafting 1 wk Jan 1 – Jan 5
Graphic Design 3wk Jan 8 – Jan 26

Time & Days

ONLY Monday & Friday 

5:30pm-7:30pm CST


Early Registration w/ Art kit Plan  $96.00 OFFER END OCT 30

Early bird access will secure enrollment along with student equipped with their OWN art supply kit to use for each class saving an additional $20 off art supplies

Full Registration  $96.00

Full payment plan will secure enrollment along with early access of program curriculum 

Split Payment Plan  (2) $48.00 Bi Monthly or (3) $32.00 Monthly

Split payment plan will secure enrollment and avoid any inconvenience 



Art Supply Kit for $20.00

Add Additional Guest for $50.00

 Register Here   for the Hands That..Visual Design Mentorship program today!

BCAI School of Arts

107 E Chestnut, Bloomington, IL 61701 | BCAIARTS.ORG

Hours of Operation: M, Tu, W & Th 4:30pm - 7:30pm



Milestones Early Learning Center

1207 Six Points Road, Bloomington, IL 61701

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