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BCAI Cultural Arts and Humanities

formerly BCAI School of Arts

… current & upcoming sessions …

ccBCAI-CAH class line-up by age

3-6 yr old:

FRIDAYS: 5-5:45p Co-creation – dance, obstacle courses

7-17 yr old:

TUESDAYS: 5:30-7p Martial Arts (Hapkido, Hosinsul)

WEDNESDAYS: 5:30-7p Breakin Team (Breakdance)

FRIDAYS: 6-7:30p Co-creation Dance

THURSDAYS/SATURDAYS: 5-7p/12-2p Step Inn Performance Team

  • Assistance available for situational necessity

BCAI-CAH YouTube  | Programs page


BCAI fall classes 2022
feed the pig poster

There are still a few more piggy banks for purchase!

Integrity Counseling, ISU-APO, and BCAI collaborated with incredible creativity to bring you the Epic piggy banks! 

The pigs, designed mostly by our Hip Hop Elemental Arts participants and lead artists, are painted by both organizations involved. You’ll see techniques and unique tags from each student and incredible unlocked imaginative designs.

They are available for purchase for $26 each, right here on the BCAI website! 100% of the money raised goes directly into our scholarship account, allowing all of our courses and sessions to be accessible to EVERYONE.

INtegRIty Counseling is a community-based, non-profit pay-as-you-can counseling agency.

Alpha Phi Omega is an ISU service organization, highly dedicated to each service project and its connected organization.

Both entities align with BCAI values and we are honored to share this opportunity.

integrity counseling logo

If you couldn’t find a pig, you can mail a donation to INtegRIty Counseling, 502 S Morris Ave, Bloomington, IL 61701, or donate online at their website. Donations help cover the costs of 100% quality accessible mental health services.

A Word from our Executive Director

“As a visionary, the vision never really belongs to me. I knew from the second it burst inside my mind that it was going to be bigger than my own existence. BCAI is the necessary ‘vehicle’ to destroying destructive cycles in this world such as violence, sexual abuse, victimization, racism, poverty etc.

My ‘why’ is when a parent comes to me in tears because their child is making friends, fearlessly freestyling in a cypher, or exuding confidence in other ways all for the first time.

My ‘why’ is when I humbly am allowed to watch a student go from fear to resilience; from self-loathing and sabotage to working on these ‘new’ superpowers they find within themselves. The looks on their faces, the fierce courage increasing and the family dynamics improving – all of this is why I work long hours for them, why I am adamant about protecting our familial village existence and why I will never retreat.

BCAI is not a building; it is a family and a legacy. Unconditional love and resilience training.

Thank you to everyone who has believed, still believes, and will never stop actively believing and investing in our vision and mission. You do not go unseen.”

– Angelique Rački


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Studio: 107 E Chestnut St #100, Bloomington, IL 61701

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Telephone: (309) 532-4272


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