• Community/village
  • Honesty and communication
  • Individual purpose and innate power
  • Self-actualization
  • The voice of the individual
  • Creativity and co-creation 

Art: any activity that requires the imagination to reach the next level

what We are

On the surface

We provide socially aware art education and an expression platform to everyone regardless of income and in honor of every background.

BCAI Cultural Arts & Humanities is a premier art and dance school in Bloomington, IL utilizing principles and elements of our Hip Hop Culture to inspire self-awareness and help facilitate self-actualization.

Currently we offer Martial Arts, Breakin’ (breakdance) TeamStep Inn Performance Team and Co-Creation classes. Also offered are our Summer arts Exposure 3 week camp and Hip Hop Elemental Arts artist development program. 

In depth

By increasing awareness of self, community, and various cultures, we eliminate the self-doubt and discrimination that is the cause of every destructive cycle in our world. We provide a protected space where students and families feel safe enough to access their imagination. This naturally awakens superpowers, purpose, and awareness of the collective consciousness.

Our vision & mission


Every generation prospering in purpose, identity, and unity


Through inventive arts programming & diverse collaboration, BCAI inspires and protects youth expression and connection to self, community and culture, empowering unique leaders that positively impact society