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Matching gift programs

State Farm® - Matching Gift Program

The State Farm Matching Gift program allows State Farm employees, retirees, and agents who contribute to BCAI to their gifts of $25 to $4,500 per calendar year (minus a small administrative fee) matched by State Farm.

If you have made a qualifying donation, fill out a simple form requesting State Farm to match your gift!  Visit the State Farm Companies Foundation site or the SFNet home page for a link. Use the following email address to confirm the match with BCAI.

Also, if you are a State Farm employee, retiree, or agent who volunteers at BCAI for 40 or more hours in a year, State Farm will continue to grant our organization $500 through the Good Neighbor Grant program.

COUNTRY® Financial - Donation Match Program

Employees of COUNTRY Financial, Illinois Farm Bureau, and IAA Credit Union can match personal donations to an eligible nonprofit organization, up to $500 per year.

To request the match, employees can visit their internal benefits page and search ‘giving’ to find more details.

If you have specific questions, you can send a note to COUNTRY Financial Donation Match Program.

Financial reps and agents are not eligible for this program.

Scholarship Fund

Because of our vision, mission, and purpose, there are many students that we open our doors to whose families are not in a financial position to afford monthly dues. Dues are a prime source of income for BCAI.

Our new scholarship program balances the financial provision, allowing everyone who needs our training to obtain it within our guidelines.

“It always seems impossible until it’s done”

Get Right

Donate to BCAI by downloading Get Right!

Pay as much as you like! The minimum donation is $1, and all proceeds benefit our Hip Hop Elemental Arts program, allowing us to continue providing these opportunities to all youth regardless of socio-economic status and background.


Sponsor families

Your donation will cover the discounted amount that some of our families could not afford. This ensures that NO ONE is left behind and that BCAI can function at full capacity without making financial sacrifices.

Each family that receives assistance is held accountable for specific deadlines, attendance, and volunteer hours.


Sponsor Programs

Your donation will cover specific programs of BCAI. This ensures that our training functions at the highest level of quality and integrity because we will not be limited due to funding.

We have various dance and cultural arts programs that we would appreciate assistance with. (We also accept donations of time!)


Sponsor Operations

Your donation will cover the day to day operations of BCAI, the foundation that allows us to continue revolving and evolving consistently without taking focus off our overall vision and misDowsion.

All donations are tax deductible.