Hip Hop Elemental Arts

Six-week sessions designed to increase students’ awareness of their unique place and value within the culture they love while presenting opportunities to use their value to transform their world.

Previous Session

Session 1: Foundations NY & LA

Welcome to BCAI’s first ever Hip Hop Cultural Arts 6 week session!!!!


an underlying basis or principle

Session 1 Elements:

Interactive Breakdance, Contemporary Hip Hop Dance, Graffiti and Knowledge Building


the customs, arts, social institutions, and achievements of a particular nation, people, or other social group

How can we use our connection to Hip Hop culture to impact our world, community, and households?

The Elements

Deejaying | Breakdancing

Emceeing | Graffiti

Knowledge | Language

Beatboxing | Fashion




Inquire about scholarships and sibling discounts as needed

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We’re dedicated to supporting communities at this critical time. We are open for class, with social distancing in place, for students and staff ONLY.