Hip Hop Elemental Arts

Six-nine week sessions designed to increase students’ awareness of their unique place and value within the culture they love while presenting opportunities to use their value to transform their world.


purple red orange color palette information flyer for the Hip Hop Elemental Arts Program April 1 - June 1 $515/participant register at www.BCAIarts.org & 2 images from previous sessions

Session 6 – April 1 – June 1 



Inquire about scholarships and sibling discounts as needed

The Elements

Deejaying | Breakdancing

Emceeing | Graffiti

Knowledge | Language

Beatboxing | Fashion


StayRelentless logo

BCAI is proud and excited to partner with Stay Relentless Life & Hip Hop Initiative, a Chicago based youth empowerment non-profit organization founded by Chicago Hip Hop Artist, and mentor Daniel “D.Son” Moore. 

Stay Relentless centers around providing a creative, artistic, hands-on approach for youth as a positive outlet in the art of Hip Hop and the foundation of nurturing life skills.

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Downloading GET RIGHT communicates...

that these youth not only matter, but you SEE them, that they are supported and loved and protected.

Investing in this track says that you appreciate their vulnerability and hard work, that you’re choosing to invest in THEM


Visit BCAI on Bandcamp and download our newest adventure: 

Blunt, transparent, and mandatory thoughts and expression from 11 emcees ages 9 – adult out of Bloomington and Chicago IL

**All payments or donations over the initial dollar, as well as the first dollar, go directly to our Hip Hop Elemental Arts program, allowing us to continue providing opportunities like this to all youth, regardless of socio-economic status or background.

Released May 1, 2021


In order of appearance:

Dawson PG
Darius Williams
Kennedy Jeffress aka Skinny
Seven Six Supah
Mauri Fowler
Effy The Beatboxer

Save the date

Session 6 : Spring 2024

April 1 – June 1

Making a new original song from scratch

Session 7 : Fall 2024

Dates approximately Oct 7 – Dec 14

Making a music video from scratch for Session 6’s track

Previous Sessions

Session 1: Foundations NY & LA

Welcome to BCAI’s first ever Hip Hop Cultural Arts 6 week session!!!!


an underlying basis or principle

Session 1 Elements:

Interactive Breakdance, Contemporary Hip Hop Dance, Graffiti and Knowledge Building

HHEA session 5 stunts
2 female students with female adult mentor in a recording studio looking down at lyrics, purple tints
behind angle of male adult with purple hair, Troy Zeleznik, shows Anahi, a female teenager her music video footage on the camera
side view action shot of Troy Zeleznik recording Anahi (teen recording artist) for her music video footage

the customs, arts, social institutions, and achievements of a particular nation, people, or other social group

How can we use our connection within Hip Hop culture to impact our world, community, and households?

HHEA5 Sanaa Troy camera training
HHEA5 Sanaa camera
Supah Effy recording studio HHEA4