Martial Arts

Martial Arts at BCAI

Hapkido and Hosinsul

Focuses are evading, striking, blocking, countering, footwork, balance, joint and momentum manipulation, partner work, self-awareness, spatial and situational awareness, and more.


Adult martial arts


Hapkido fundamentals and Hosinsul (self-defense) training

Ages: 12 – adult | if interested send us a message!

Registration, liability waiver required

Once at a certain level, helping with the youth martial arts classes could supplement your dues.

Youth martial arts


Hosinsul (self-defense) fundamentals | Once past yellow belt, will start implementing Hapkido

Ages: 6-12 | Tuesdays 530-7p

Registration and liability waiver required.

Scholarship and other payment assistance available including “sibling” discount.


Tuesdays 530-7p

Thursdays  9:30-10:30a Qigong/Tea

Typically, the 1st Tuesday of the month is a break week unless another date is given due to circumstance 

Lead instructors: Angelique Racki, dual black belt in Hapkido and Hosinsul & Del Saam Army Special Forces Liuetenant Colonel

Basic Pricing

Base tuition: $60.00/month | $220/semester (if paid in first month) semester=4mo


Sibling Discount | Payment arrangements | Scholarship Assistance | Barter | Other


$220 if you pay at the beginning of a semester for the whole 4 months vs $240 paying per month

Testing Fees:



Adult: $10.00 per belt | $35.00 once ready for a Gi
Child: $10.00 per belt | $35.00 once ready for a Gi

Other equipment will vary | above prices may change due to supplier

Private Group Sessions

Pricing can be found on the form linked below



Families | Camps | Private Practices | Trauma Therapy | Team Building | Conferences | Scouts 

Confidential Trainings Available – no photos or publication of any kind