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Programs at BCAI School of Arts

Arts Exposure

Ages 7-13 with 14-18yr old internships

ART: anything that requires the imagination to get to the next level – from spray painting, culinary, dance, and sculpting to trades, entrepreneurialism, coding, and science.

Description: 2-6 week sessions exposing participants to multiple art forms. 

Arts Exposure increases the individual’s awareness of the innate skills and interests they have, which ultimately leads to living with far more purpose and ON purpose 

Ages: approx. 7-13 (cognitive maturity, not necessarily chronologically)

Instructors: BCAI Instructors as well as craft professionals within our community

What to bring: loose, comfortable clothing, socks and sneakers, your own filled water bottle (we DO have water if you forget)

2021 Arts Exposure Classes

Adult Dance

Next Sessions TBA

Description: Varied genres, all skill levels welcome (no, it’s not awkward.)

Stay tuned for listings of sessions!

Ages: 15 and up

What to bring: loose, comfortable clothing, socks and sneakers, water, and an open mind.

Street Funk Breaking+

Please let us know if you are interested in this program!

Description: Street dance styles from 70s to present: break, pop, lock, footwork, freestyle, etc.

Students will receive a foundation of bboy/girl knowledge including the history, purpose and potential of this artform and the culture it breathes in. You will receive training in basic and advanced breakdance techniques as well as tumbling and trick coaching.

Ages: 7 and up

Instructors: Angelique Rački, Dawson Patty-G’Sell + guest choreographers

What to bring: loose/comfortable clothing, sneakers, socks, water

Step Inn Performance Team

Thursdays 5 pm-7 pm
Saturday 12 pm-2 pm

Description: high commitment level, skill and confidence guaranteed to increase; predominantly performance dance in every genre and culture; travel to training and performances; year round 

These are the serious dancers/performers that are held to a higher standard b/c they have chosen to do so. Grades must be up, diet must be controlled (for wellness not cosmetic purpose), and discipline level is high. Multiple public performances, multiple genres covered but strong hip hop and lyrical influence (freedom in movement). Leveling system to include periodic testing.

Skills to increase: physical dance ability, flexibility, tumbling, teamwork, awareness of surroundings, professionalism, accountability, respect, and most importantly, the greatest focus: SELF-ESTEEM AND -VALUE.

Ages: no age determinant

Head Coaches: Angelica Taylor & Angelique Rački