Collective Liberation

Each member, each coach looks out for the next; we train each other, we build together and we lift up critical messages for those ready to listen and those that need it most


Team mentality; professional reliability; respect for coaches and others; resilience for, and dedication to, self and team

Year-round Training

Multi-genre, multi-level, multi-faceted training all year ’round; 3 semesters a year; 3-4 months per semester


I am my brothers/sisters keeper; teaching teachers, training trainers;  representation matters; unleash the imagination; liberate the nation

“I’m here to show you who I AM today”

-Aliya Janell

I have been in BCAI for around 3-4 years in almost all of the classes taught there. BCAI means a place I can basically just be myself and meet other people too. My favorite part is meeting new younger kids and being able to teach them some things I know myself

Bboy-Ninja (Dawson PG)

so i’ve been at bcai since i was nine 1/2. i am now 14 and bcai has always been a safe place for me. it’s a family and you’ll meet a lot of brilliant people who you can trust and count on. we have tons of fun but you also need to keep in mind that this is a dance team. sometimes we need to get serious to get work done and if everyone is on the same page it’s easier.


We’re dedicated to supporting communities at this critical time. We are open for class, with social distancing in place, for students and staff ONLY.